We cater for all types of work in residential and commercial lighting fromchanging light globes to a complete re-wire and install of new lighting inside and outside.
Some popular fittings that are usual favorites are LED down lights, oyster lighting and pendants.
Power points
  • Residential and Commercial Power Points
    Looking to add extra power points? We supply and install a wide range of Australian standard approved power points such as Clipsal and HPM.
  • Residential and Commercial Kitchen and Bathroom Appliances
    Just purchased a new oven or hot water heater? We can disconnect your old appliances and install that new electrical appliance safely and without a fuss.
  • Residential and Commercial Plasma/LCD/TV Points
    Looking to hang your new prized plasma or LCD on the wall and give it the illusion of it hanging in mid air? We can make that a reality! We also can supply an aerial point and power point to be hidden behind the TV so there are no loose cables.
  • Residential Commercial Telephone Point / Internet Points
    Looking to re-arrange the house and find the telephone needs to be moved? Purchased a second computer and looking to have internet on both computers? One phone call away they both can be arranged with ease.
  • Residential and Commercial Smoke Alarms
    Does your home have a smoke alarm installed? By law ever home in Australia should have a smoke alarm installed by a licensed electrician. Having one in the home could mean the difference of life and death.
  • Residential and Commercial Safety Switches/Switchboards
    Do you have a safety switch installed in your switchboard? If not you are putting your families life in danger everyday. Safety switches protect you from faults occurred in electrical Systems. If your switchboard is still comprised of ceramic fuses? Its time to upgrade to new age circuit breakers. With all the new electrical appliances out in todays market the old ceramic fuse board cannot handle the electrical load put on from these appliances.