Save money with the power of solar
In Australia we are lucky enough to live in one of the sunniest places on earth.Imagine a way to harness all that sunshine and put it to work in your home, reducing your power bill while ensuring a cleaner plant for the future generation.With solar panels installed on your roof of your home, you can benefit from solar technology. Its non-polluting, safe, reliable, silent, long lasting, and zero running costs.
You're way to make a real difference to the environment
More and more Australian families are looking for ways to reduce their environments. They want to leave the world in better shape for their future generation.Rather than relying on electricity companies our solar system will deliver electricity generated from the sun to your home
Solar dose more than generate electricity
The good news is that our grid connected power system dose more than just generate electricity. Any excess power produced from your solar system is diverted into the grid, meaning you receive small payments from your electricity company on your electrical bill.
With electricity cost rising sharply all over Australia, now is a great time to put a solar system on your roof and reduces your power bills
Government rebates
The Australian government is highly supportive of the development and installation of renewable energy source such as solar power. The government solar credit scheme, can provide a subsidized installation cost that will save you even more money
Key benefits of a solar system
  • Generate your own electricity from the sun
  • Reduce carbon emission and lead the way to a sustainable future
  • Reduced electricity bills
  • Increase the value of your property
  • Ability to share your excess power with the grid and receive a payment or credit on your power bill
  • Additional panels can be added later as demands or budget grows
  • A solar system should last 25 + 30 years